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Global premium brands are already with FAiKERZ

From rising street fashion designers to global luxury brands, all of clients have experienced our service.
Within first 3 months, 90% of counterfeits were removed, while the online sales increased up to 40%.

Extensive coverage from social medias to foreign ecommerces

Cover the most of Major E-commerce, Social Media and 500+ Online Stores.
Nullify ‘hit and run’ sales through automated, 24H-365D monitoring system.



Seller identification for effective and efficient takedown

Mere Removal of counterfeit links can't be a fundamental solution
Track sellers and initiate direct and effective countermeasures.
And check out the whole difference in 3 months.

We provide swift, step by step takedown options.

Initiate automated countermeasures inside the solution for voluntary cease of activities.
For massive sellers, activate legal actions starting from warning letters.
We Provide step by step takedown options initiable through client’s confirmation



Make a fundamental turnaround
with our proven solution and AI technology

Powered by AI technology and our proprietary NLP solution adopted by KIPO and KIPI
(Korea Intellectual Property Office and Korea Institute of Patent Information),
our solution detects counterfeits with more than 95% Accuracy.

Trademark monitoring algorithm

adopted by KIPO and KIPI

- Extracts and groups keywords with TrademarkRANK algorithm

- Analyses brand trademarks and related categories

The latest image recognition technology

Powered by Google Vision ML

- Reprocesses fakes image database to optimal datasets

- Self-improving accuracy with supervised learning

System advancement through

Real case application and Machine learning

- Integrated analysis over keywords, images and other information

- System advancement through machine learning of the case

Leave routine works to us
and focus on strategic decisions

Automate routine ‘search and evidence collection’ work while improving detection result dramatically
Let your precious work forces focus on value generating, strategic works.


Get an analysis of infringement status through a free trial

We provide consolidated analysis on main infringment issues along with solutions.

Experience our solution with 3 month starter package.

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Experience automated detection with us to keep your brand and customers away from infringements.